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"The whole staff is in your corner to help assist to you get better & back to mobility! Thank you for all the support after both knee replacement surgeries!"
Oct 04, 2018
"I’m truly blessed to have found La Mesa Physical Therapy! Joseph and the team have given me my life back! "
May 11, 2018
Apr 19, 2018


I was injured at work, falling on mt right elbow pushing my bones up into my shoulder. I couldn’t lift my arm above my head without pain. Physical therapy for me; sounded stressful, because I’m not comfortable with people touching, pushing, manipulating of my person. However, I was made to feel very comfortable with the process. I learned several different exercises that I could do at home as well. It helped me with the healing process. Nick is amazing. He answered all my questions and pushed me when I needed it. Always asked me what I needed, where I was on the pain scale. I feel amazing! The staff is wonderful, and very helpful.
Thank you for helping me get my arm back to normal.

Bonnie O.

My experience here was awesome. Friendly staff. Before PT I had trouble going up/down steps and kneeling down on my knee. Now I can with more confidence.

Charlotte G.

My experience at La Mesa Physical Therapy has been very positive and informative. My posture has improved. My balance is greatly improved. I can now get up from a chair or stool without using my arms for thrust. I can also put on my socks without help and no longer need my “dressing” stick to help with pants, etc. I can stand for a much longer time and can take longer walks. Stairs are no longer a problem; sitting for long periods are also easier. My physical therapist Amy Dougher was very careful to explain all exercises, how they would benefit me, and encouraged me to keep working. Her positive attitude was a great help to me. She is very well informed! Thank you!

Viki Y.

I had a really great experience working with Amy she truly is amazing at what she does and so supportive. I really enjoyed talking to her during my visits. Im glad I chose to come here and my results have been amazing. I am experiencing way less pain and feeling stronger.

Shawna S.

Well I’ve been coming here with you guy’s sinces the old office. That includes five major surgeries both knees replace, both shoulders replace and now neck fusion. When I first start coming I couldn’t carer my purse, turn my head or walk without a walker or cane, but now I have no pain doing these things. Walking without a walker, turning my head no pain and lifting my arms without pain.

La Rita L.

When I thought of therapy, I use to think of pain! Coming here to physical therapy has not only changed my thinking but it has encouraged me to make exercise a part of my life. It treated the whole person! It has helped me to realize how everything works together. The staff was EXCELLENT! I can now walk for longer periods of time! I can now sleep and move without pain. I no longer have a limp in my walk. Thank you so much for listening, answering questions and encouraging me to work on the whole person. I truly looked forward to therapy because I knew and felt the improvement! Joey as a therapist was awesome! He explained it and demonstrated how I can improved. Both therapist listen and teach you how to adapt when you have other issues. That’s what treating the whole person is about. Which made my therapy more effective!

Jacquelyne M.

I’ve had a wonderful experience here at La Mesa Physical Therapy. Amy really cares about her clients and truly has a passion for helping people. I came here initially with knee pain and overall muscle weakness. Amy showed me the relationship between my hip strength and my knee pain, so we worked on strengthening my knees and hips primarily. By the end of my time here, I am not only more physically fit, but I have significantly less knee pain and my hips are much stronger.
Thanks La Mesa Physical Therapy!

Hope T.

Joe and Sam and all the staff here were great. They explained the exercises and showed me how to do them properly for the best results. My knee is better and I have no pain. I would highly recommend this facility.

Dan H.

Hi, I’m Chandra, a two-time injury to my left shoulder. (a. stroke and b. large tear in my rotator cuff.) When I first started here in Jan 2017 I couldn’t even do my A.D.L. activities of life. I was in constantly in pain without sleep. But with Joe Lestino expertise, awesome bed side manner and great trained staff, dedication therapy progress a little. Then, shortly we realized that shoulder surgery was going to be the best option for speedy recovery. So in July 2017 that’s what happened. My progress picked up and improved over time with outstanding results. I’m happy with my results. So, kudos to La Mesa PT for a wonderful therapist and team work. I will keep striving on for success. Love.


Excellent people and really good experience thanks for your help

Jose R.

This is my first time for therapy. I was worst when I came here. All of the staff are very cool. And thank to Joseph, you doing a great job “outstanding” I plan not to come back here any time soon. But if I do need a physical therapy then I’ll know where to come.

Scott M.

When I started with my shoulder I was in a world of pain. Thank Joey I’m not no longer in pain. Joey you done a great job. Thanks. This place is wonderful place. I’ve been to different places and I love La Mesa PT they no what to do for you.

David B.

The staff is amazing!! I came in as crooked as a Kinder’s handwriting. I was justed as loop sided as can expected from hip surgery. But thanks to La Mesa Physical therapy I am strong and tall. I walk w/out aa lean and I’m confident in my ability to walk and stand and workout if I choose to! Thank for the help Joey and staff!!

Ophelia W.

I have had severe ankle pain for about 7 years. I have had PT by others without success. I wore braces for two years. Dr. Joe worked his magic and got my ankle working pain free. I had been to two physical therapists, and one podiatrist, one orthopaedic surgeon. Dr. Joe was the best! The assistants are a fun loving, professional crew.

Robert F.

Having been through many physical therapy clinics, I did not have high hopes for this clinic and its ability to accomplish what I felt was impossible. After my surgery I was unable run, lift or carry more then 20 lbs. As a father who could not pick up their own child at 26lbs and as a prior service member who could not run, it was difficult to maintain an air of confidence. Today I can honestly say this clinics recovery program is unbelievable staff and physicians have given me more than my stride and strength back.

Travis H.

Amy was my PT, she was very good and careful with me and my exercises. Amy was very kind and polite, she answered all of my questions. I wish more doctors were like Amy.

All of the aides were very nice and helpful.

I thank everyone at LMPT for all of their help.

My back and knee are feeling much better. Everyone does a great job.

Yahya S.

I came to LMPT for my lower back, when I first started the pain was very bad, and I could not move well. After the first few days, it was a little difficult for me because of pain but as I continued more therapy, it got better. I am very thankful because everyone here was very helpful and supportive in my recovery. Amy was very special because I had never done physical therapy before. I am very happy now because my pain is minimal, I can do housework and I can cook again, and I can work a little more now. I thank everyone here they're very nice. I leave with a smile.

Sofia B.

Over all pretty good experience one of the best I had. Very home feeling the environment is chill and laid back. Like everyone is friendly squatting was painful but now I can sit up without much assistance. Knee pain is minimal. I did a lot of exercises but it was helpful. Very fun overall. Didn't feel judged when you are doing exercises. Wish I knew about this sooner. Everyone was helpful.

Erika G.

Amy has been a tremendous help along with her team. They have made my recovery very pleasant and quick. They are very professional and their team work is amazing. With their guidance I’m now ready to go back to work. I thank them for their patience and wonderful attention. La Mesa Therapy has an awesome team.

Bernice O.

This is my second time that I come to La Mesa Physical Therapy. The first time was fter my knee replacement surgery two year ago, and the therapist help me with exercises for around 3 months, and after the I recovery the mobility on my knee, and I feel better, I walk up and down stairs. This second time I come back again for a trouble on my leg and back and after one month doing exercises I feel better. I be grateful with all the therapists and assistant therapist to help me again and I recovery my health. Thank you for all!

Yolanda V.

-Very professional
-Exceptional attitudes and activities performed
-Great attitude from entire staff.

Carol F.

I am very glad and thankful that everyone has been very nice. Before I started physical therapy, I was having a lot of pain and mobility issues with my shoulder. I feel I have made a big improvement in mobility and strength. My pain has decreased significantly since starting therapy. I'm very glad I came here. I believe you are all a very good team, everyone included.

Zoila T.

My experience during physical therapy was always fulfilling. Every visit my shoulder became stronger. Thank you, Joe and staff, for taking such good care of me.

Antonio N.

I was very pleased with the treatment I received at La Mesa Physical Therapy clinic. The therapist, Joe, was very proficient in treating my back. The therapy assistants were very kind and polite and knew their jobs very well.

Before I started therapy, I was having difficulty lifting my right leg to get into the driver’s seat, now I can get into my car easily. My legs are a good deal stronger. I can walk short distances easily using my cane although I still use my walker the vast majority of the time.

I no longer take Tylenol for back pain as the pain now is very mild.

Dorothy D.

Before I got here I could not move my left shoulder or arm. Now I am feeling awesome back to normal. I could of not done this without them. They are the greatest people. The exercises were perfect for me. And they were so patient with me. I will miss them. I appreciate them welcoming me bringing my 2 grandsons. So I could come and get better.

Jeanine M.

Lower back issue involving the sciatic nerve brought me to La Mesa Physical Therapy. When I first came in I was having a difficult time performing some of my daily tasks and to play golf had become painful. Getting my golf game back is what really motivated me.

Joe was very good to explain that my core muscles needed to be strengthened to help alleviate my pain. He went over exercises that would achieve this and kept giving me new ones along the way. The PT Techs were always there to make sure I was performing the exercises correctly and without pain, and demonstrating when needed.

All of the was done in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere. The staff from the front desk to the PT Techs and Joe work well together. Appointments were easily made and were always on time! I was told by Joe to call if I had any questions or concerns at anytime.

Jane C.

You guys are very excellent; everybody is very good and nice.

Maly S.

When I started physical therapy, I had a lot of pain in my shoulder and forearm. I had re-injured my shoulder and was suffering from elbow tendonitis per Dr. Joe. He asked me a lot of questions about my activities and what caused the pain to get worse. I felt like he really listened to me and cared about my input. At the beginning of treatment I could not even hold a coffee cup with the injured arm. The team of therapists worked with me each week on gradually stretching and strengthening my shoulder and arm. The therapists were very personable and caring! I gradually increased my range of motion and strength so that I was able to perform in my dance recitals without any pain. I am happy to recommend La Mesa Physical Therapy, go see them and they will help you heal and enjoy the process.

Susan F.

The guys/gals were very helpful at LMPT I feel they went a extra mile for me. Joe worked a lot on my shoulders which are a lot better now. I thank them all.

Richard J.

Due to a back injury I was in pain and had difficulty doing normal everyday activities that involved lifting or stretching. During my physical therapy sessions at La Mesa Physical Therapy I learned how to strengthen weak core muscles and experienced pain relief after only a few sessions. When I completed my program, my back pain was resolved and I had gained flexibility and strength. Joey and the staff at La Mesa Physical Therapy are fantastic in every area of their service (including running on time)! I truly am grateful for their care and expertise!

Suzanne S.

Everyone here is very polite + friendly. I had a very positive experience with the staff at all my (3x a week) visits.

I was struggling daily at my jobs because my back (lower) was in a lot of pain. With the tools they taught me + my weekly therapy sessions – I am able to stand on my feet for extended periods of time – pain free. I will continue the exercises they taught me in order to maintain feeling happy + healthy.

Leesa L P.

I, Dorothy came in for back pain of about 9 months ago and they started to do work on my back and it help very much I’m walking very good. I can do my own house work. The staff have been very nice to me very friendly. I like coming with my son.

Dorothy B.

I’ve been to therapy before and this was very good. The staff was very knowledgeable. They answered all concerns and questions I had total knee replacement, I didn’t think I was going to ride my bike again. Joey assured me that I was, he was correct. The front office worked with me on date and good times to arrival. Would like to return here when I have the other knee done. Joey and his steel comb “nasty tool” but it is very effective.

Thank you all so very much for your kindness.

Daniel A.

After being rear ended I could barely stand up straight. I had neck and low back pain and sciatica. I would thrash around at night and I thought I need to buy a new mattress. I would walk all hunched over when I woke up. Joe and his wonderful staff worked on my pain. In 6 sessions I was able to stand up straight and not notice the same level of pain. Dr. Joe has the unique ability on zeroing the same exact spot you need to work on. La Mesa Physical Therapy has a synergistic team that ensured my quick recovery and I highly recommend them.

Cynthia B.

This second time around was less scary but it was harder to get my household activities done in the beginning due to the surgery on my first shoulder. Joe and his staff were superb. You all accommodated my needs above and beyond what is expected. I fell a couple of times causing more fatigue to my shoulder and Joe was good enough to work on the areas that were affected like my middle back and my neck, which he was not obligated to do. I had a lot of schedule changes but the girls were nice enough to reschedule me time after time (thank you ladies). All you guys have such a nice sense of humor. I know there are days where things are not going smooth but as a patient I could never tell. The atmosphere is so appreciated and the music is a nice touch. The exercises prescribed are so helpful to me at home. I will definitely continue using them.

Alice H.